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In the academic year of 2013/2014, Educational Centre Geoss d.o.o., OE Vocational College, Litija, is starting active engagement and participation in international, and in particular, European cooperation. Participation in Erasmus + programme will thus become one of the key activities to be undertaken and implemented by our institution. When looking for new partnerships, we will try to establish the widest possible cooperation between the involved institutions, with special emphasis on partners offering similar programmes for student, teaching and administrative staff mobility projects. We will search for partners through various channels and database; we will contact similar institutions and cooperate in international activities within the Community of Vocational Colleges in Slovenia. We will sign inter-institutional agreements with future partners, which will be fully respected so as to ensure the highest possible mobility experience. We aim to establish long-term (as well as short-term) partnerships and thus contribute to upgrading the skills and competences of everybody involved in the mobility activities. Embracing the spirit of widening participation, there will be no geographical limits for our activities. Nevertheless it is expected that the majority of our partners will be from the EU member states.

When planning new projects, we will take into account and exploit all possibilities offered by the Erasmus+ programme. Special attention will be given to mobility projects. Mobility activities, as our priority area, will be carried out within the vocational college education. Key areas of focus will include student mobility for traineeships and staff mobility for the purpose of teaching or receiving training. Regarding student mobility for studies, we do not anticipate any incoming mobile students in the short run. Involvement and cooperation in a range of international projects will contribute to gaining experiences and, consequently, facilitate the development of our institution. This will lead to the successful implementation of the study programmes for incoming students in the short as well in the long run.

Our main aims and objectives are to provide quality lifelong learning, with higher vocational programmes as the mai component contributing to the overall aim. Through international projects/mobility activities we want to enable the students of economics, mechanical engineering and social network organisers to acquire better intercultural, social, professional and linguistic competences, which play a key role in improving the employability. This is, ultimately, the main purpose of all mobility activities offered by our institution. The commitment of our institution for modernisation and internationalisation will serve as a new path to Europe. All projects and mobility activities will be taken into consideration in order to upgrade the knowledge. This will contribute to the development of competences of the administrative and teaching staff, and hence improve the quality of education. We will gain new international experience, learn about new methods and approaches, and adopt innovative practices. The main target groups defined in our mobility activities will be:

- students enrolled in all degree programmes offered by our institution,

- teaching staff and all other employees,

- organisations and entrepreneurs in the local and regional environment.

In terms of our partnership mission, the main focus will be on students and employees in organisations abroad offering higher vocational education and training programmes, or on organisations active in the fields of tertiary education.

At the moment we do not consider participating in joint degrees.