FeSTEM – Female Empowerment in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Higher Education 


  • Develop the FeSTEM approach and pedagogy that aspires to promote the construction of meaningful, shareable exhibits of female role models as a means for encouraging girls and women to remain active in STEM
  • Develop the FeSTEM toolbox, that is a repository of traditional and computationally-rich media, drawing on the pedagogical and technical expertise of the FeSTEM consortium
  • Develop the teaching methodology that will build on the FeSTEM approach and inform HE educators, students, assessment developers, textbook publishers, technology providers, and others about the goals of instruction under a gender-sensitive approach
  • Implement and evaluate the FeSTEM approach a in STEM-related contexts. The aim is for these courses to concretize the FeSTEM approach and engage HE students and educators in a novel, gender-sensitive approach for teaching and learning
  • Refine the framework and tools in the light of its application in educational contexts. The courses and materials will then be digitised and become available as an Open Educational Resource (OER)
  • Develop the FeSTEM toolkit aiming for providing a step-by-step guide, for HE educators for future implementation in their teaching
  • Develop a community of FeSTEM mentors and mentees in which they can actively engage in learning, supporting and helping women in regards to their career-decisions in STEM. The FeSTEM community is expected to expose young women to successful female STEM scientists and professionals, and encourage networking opportunities for women in STEM
  • Promote the FeSTEM approach via an international conference and through networks of project partners
  • Build a close cooperation with the business sector (buttom-up approach) in order to inform the FeSTEM project with real-life scenarios and disseminate its findings to the industry


  • Research on academic and industrial level about the challenges and expecatitons of women in STEM
  • Development of tools and digital materials for building gender meaningful exhibitions
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of gender meaningful methodology
  • Creation and promotion of FeSTEM joint platform for women empowerment


  • Connecting challenges and women expectations in STEM: academic and industrial perspective
  • Development  of tools with traditional and digital materials for building gender meaningful exhibitions
  • Development of FeSTEM methodology
  • Implementation and evaluation of gender meaningful methodology
  • FeSTEM online learning unite,
  • FeSTEM industry tool,
  • FeSTEM coomon practices (CoP)
  • FeSTEM joint platform for women empowerment in STEM


  • 20 teachers and students will cooperate in international teaching and training activities
  • Approx. 25-30 students will attend STEM MAKER TEAMS
  • 150 educators will participate in the training activities
  • At least 100 participants will join FeSTEM joint platform


Project duration is between 3. 11. 2019 and 2. 1. 2022 . It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.