Pathways – Upskilling by Creating Individualized Learning Pathways


  • Provide adult education and career counselling professionals with the appropriate tools to be in the position to guide low skilled adults towards specific learning options as a means for their upskilling
  • Capacity development of these professionals to ensure they will be in position to implement the methodology and use the tools and also to engage and motivate the final beneficiaries in making learning choices
  • Promotion of lifelong learning for all which will lead to improved employability and personal development of the final beneficiaries – low skilled adults


  • Work on intellectual outputs (current sutuation analysis, toolkit for adult education, course development, eLearning platform, pilot phase)
  • 4 transnational project meetings
  • 6 multiplier events
  • Short-term joint staff training event – training of trainers
  • Final conference
  • Dissemination of the result


  • Pathways current situation analysis
  • Pathways eLearning platform
  • Pathways toolkit for adult education
  • Pathways course development
  • Pathways Pilot Phas


  • Contributing to change in the mind-set of people as a means to achieve enhancement of skills and promotion of lifelong learning
  • Recognised basic skills of the low-skilled adults as a means to improve their employability and also personal development
  • Capacity building of adult education and career professionals


Project duration is between 1. 11. 2020 until 31. 10. 2022. It is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.