So I BeLiv: Social Innovation for Better Living 


  • To find out which aspects of young people’s lives have been or still are most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, what are the real needs of the target group.
  • In response to the needs identified, propose solutions (new social innovations) and make suggestions to decision-makers on how to include them in decision-making processes.


5 international events:

  • Croatia International Conference (April 2023)
  • International Conference Italy (September 2023)
  • International Workshop Slovenia (January 2024)
  • Exchange of good practices Spain (May/June 2024)
  • Final International Conference France (November 2024)


  • Report on the impact of COVID-19 on young people in the participating countries.
  • A report with good practices on how local governments have responded to the COVID-19 crisis in the participating countries.
  • An overview of methodologies and strategic reactions in response to global crises (especially COVID-19).
  • Overview of existing social innovations that address the issues faced by young people.
  • Proposals for new social innovations to address the challenges faced by young people.


  • Promoting active citizenship among young people.
    Promote the use of a bottom-up approach among decision-makers in policy-making for young people.


Associated partners:

Project duration between 1. 12. 2022  and 31. 11. 2024, co-funded by the European Union.


Contact:, 00386 31 737 399