HE.CO – Heritage valorization for small local communities


  • To encourage the development of museum workers, local officials and administrative officials (especially in small local communities) with the goal to encourage knowledge, gaining competences and exchange best practices for the enhancement of the vast cultural heritage spread over its territory
  • To develop a vision of cultural services for system formation
  • To encourage civil society cooperation when managing funds and together define which forms to set up to ensure further commitment
  • To set basics for cooperation of private companies in the promotion of cultural heritage
  • To improve heritage communication (online, social, traditional)


  • 5 transnational meetings in mobility between the different countries involved for the realization of study visits, meetings with experts, etc.
  • Different local initiatives and organization of activities after the international visits to exchange good practices and gaining specific needs
  • Implementation of international training on the basis of good practices and study visits that were organized during the project,  which will be intended for administrative personnel and officials in the field of cultural heritage valorization


  • Analysis and sharing of good practices at European level between the various countries involved, collected in an electronic publication for dissemination in the form of Guidelines.
  • Various local initiatives and community return activities organized to follow each transnational meeting useful to capitalize on the exchange work between the partners and to collect any specific needs.
  • Definition, based on collected good practices and study visits, of an international training course dedicated to local operators and officials of the administrations that can be realized within the project itself.


  • Exchange and comparison of cultural heritage valorization processes
  • Each partner organization will prepare at least 10 presentations of good practices to local stakeholders (after attending international project meetings)
  • Including local stakeholders from the area of cultural heritage, who wish to improve specific skills (each partner includes at least 5 new stakeholders)
  • Participation of at least 16 workers from the area of cultural heritage on the final training. By the end of the training the participants will be able to support local activities and activate local strategies for promotion and strengthening of cultural heritage. Participants will gain technical and organizational skills, better interpersonal  and communication skills, capability of networking.


Project duration is between 1. 10. 2018 and 30. 6. 2021. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.