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ALL IN – All Inclusive – Adult Education and Inclusion: new cooperative approaches


  • Better and easier cooperation of persons with disabilites in adult education.
  • Supporting adult education institutions in meeting the criteria stated in the UN Convention rights of persons with disabilities in a way that considers needs of disabled and capabilities of educational institutions.


  • Working on intellectual outputs (current state analysis, gudelines, tranferable model of inclusion, learning tools, political document).
  • 4 transnational project meeting.
  • 7 multiplicative events.
  • Inclusion board/council for inclusion (disabled, local experts for inclusion, representatives of social organizations,..).
  • Internal staff training in partner institutions, testing.
  • Implementing iclusive model of adult education.
  • Rasult dissemination.


  • Tools for analysis: opportunities and obstacles for all inclusive adult education.
  • Transferable models for inclusion.
  • Learning tools »Enhance cooperation«.
  • Political documentation: Inclusion now!
  • Local boards for inclusion of disabled  persons in adult education.
  • Internal training of staff in partner organizations, testing.
  • Implementing model of inclusive adult education.


  • Implementing the model of inclusion of disabled persons in adult education and preparing results for transfering them to other areas.
  • Adult education institutions will lower obstacles and improve access to further education for all.
  • Involved institutions will cooperate, sector of help for disabled pesons and adult education sector will start to cooperate.


Project duration is between 1. 9. 2020 and 31. 8. 2023. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.