LIDS – Learning important digital skills


  • to reach relevant and high quality skills and competences
  • implementation and transfer of innovative practices on local, regional, national and European level
  • support of positive long-term effects for participating organizations, systems and individuals included directly and indirectly
  • to improve and extend, with non-formal learning, the offer of personalized quality learning opportunities that are based on the needs of individual learners with low skills and qualifications in digital environment
  • to enable all adults to extend competences and develop skills through their whole life, to ensure better quality of life
  • to train educators how to better help adults, who are excluded from the society or are on the edge of society.


  • international project meetings
  • training for educators and vulnerable adults
  • researches, studies.


  • LIDS online platform including all materials developed throughout the project duration and documentation of the lessons
  • LIDS  training in PowerPoint-Format for organizational staff
  • LIDS handbook in form of a digital book in Word and PDF format that will include comparison studies of different methods of approach and the necessary contents for learning digital skills to vulnerable adults in Europe.


  • Adult educators will become more competent, they will be able to work with adults with less opportunities and help them overcome problems, cultural differences and other obstacles.
  • Staff of organizations will become more competent and will learn from each other, share experiences and knowledge with colleagues from partner countries.
  • Content of the training will be documented and/or filmed with the purpose of creating a videos available on social media of the project and on the online platform and so available to all. They will be interactive, based on e-learning.


Project duration is between 1. 10. 2020 until 17. 5. 2021. Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.